Monday, August 24, 2015

#62 Proud to be an American

I'm making this as a donation quilt for a fundraiser for a co-worker's family member for an organ transplant.  The pattern name is DayBreak By Cozy Quilts, it's one of their 2-1/2" strip club patterns.
I was asked to make 'something patriotic'.

Here are the first couple of blocks:

More to come as I finish them!  I think this is going to be pretty!  And it's for a great cause :)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Zoe's First Quilt

Earlier in the summer, Miki & Zoe went with me to a quilt store in Mineola TX for Row by Row 2015.  Zoe found a really cute panel she wanted to make a quilt from when came out for her summer visit.  That time has come and we were successful!
On the ride home from the meet-up (where we had to enjoy some Braum's ice cream with Zane!),

Zoe was telling me she wanted a red to match the dress and a strip to match her socks.  I didn't even remember the color of the dress or there being socks!  We visit our favorite LQS and she finds just the right fabrics.  We're just going to border it to make it large enough.

Lots of hands on practice sewing straight lines!


We take the top and go to Granny Fay's Closet so Granny Fay and Zoe can get her top longarm quilted.


I did put the binding on, washed and dryed and just perfect to use!

Friday, July 31, 2015

#61 - Time to get in Gear ~Challenge Quilt~

Our local quilt shop, Nana Bear's Notions, hosted a challenge - FQ bundle of 6 Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements + other fabrics to make a quilt (no wall hangings, pillows, etc.)

The first pass at the FQ's and complimentary fabrics.

So... Knowing the look of Tim Holtz, my mind went steampunk-y.  Tasked to find a pattern that was appropriate I started looking in 'modern' magazines, and ran across a contemporary Dresdan plate design called Gearing Up.  Yup, that works.

The Gears are paper pieced but hey, I know what I'm doing, right?  So the first one I made, I sewed strips of the appropriate width together and used the appropriate degree wedge ruler and it turned out super!  BUT the waste!  Lol. 
 Ok so paper piecing it is!

 Interesting the different feel from the different layouts!

and a few of the other blocks coming around...

   time for the centers :)

    Top together ....

 And quilting on the Longarm...

 Love how this turned out! 

and found a really cute gears pano from Kim Diamond to use

Finished quilt is 54 x 72.  I think the pano is a great choice - it really pulls in the steampunk look.
These are on display August 1 - 15, at Times Square Frozen Yogurt, winner of the Challenge will be determined by the most pocket change collected in their 'can' at the exhibit!

Monday, July 20, 2015

#60 2015 Row By Row Experience ~ all Texas!

What a fun quilt this ended up being!  My 2015 all Texas Row by Row Experience quilt.  Finished size is appx 60 x 60.  I hadn't given any serious thought to making a Row by Row quilt - we live rurally.  We have one quilt shop in town, and 3 within an hour and a half to two hour drive in 3 different directions.  Getting 8 rows seemed a little unlikely in that I work a full week, help Mom at the quilt shop, have a house and family to tend to, etc.  Just a few days after the RxR started, I needed to make a quick trip to east Texas, from west Texas, pretty much straight across the state.  I decided which shops I could 'easily' go to without too much of a detour or delay as I really was limited on time. 

Here's some of the rows as they were being made:

Canton TX:

Mesquite TX:

 Another Mesquite TX on the right and
Mineola TX at the bottom

This really was a lot of fun!

Top row - didn't fit so took it out of the plan
2nd Row from Snyder TX
3rd Row from Terrell TX
 That's 6 right?

Some license plates along the way and a couple that I bought on line:

Layout.... I think this works!

The top row is from Rockwall, Texas,
the 3rd row in the center is from Carthage, TX
and quilted!

All in all - a really fun experience. Lots of GREAT facebook and instagram support!  It makes me think differently about how I'll do next years! 

Monday, June 8, 2015

#59 For Zane

I'm working on a tediously crazy little nap quilt for Zane, who just turned 4 this spring.  While I love what I've got happening, I'm not going to show it yet as i want it to be a surprise for his whole family!

Monday, May 4, 2015

#58 Badass Quilters B&W Skully Challenge ...excited!!!


BadAss Quilter's Society is having a Black & White Skully challenge using a FQ pack of 6 of their skully fabrics and any other black, white, or b&w fabrics.

The chosen '6':
BadAss Quilter's Society B&W Skully

and I think these on the bottom will be my add-on's (with the 6 chosen at the top)

I know what pattern I'm going to do with this!  I'm a little under the gun on this - have to have it finished, quilted and binding on before month end!  Hang around and see!

Wow I'm so pleased!  Here's a few peeks of the progress...  yes HST's!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

#57 Shimmering Triangles

From the first time I saw this pattern (several years ago) I 'needed' to make this. Jenny Bowker is the designer extraordinaire! She made the pattern commercially available via Craftsy around January 2015 - it's on! I had some Kaffe Fassett and Phillip Jacobs fabrics and got a few more... I wanted to make this one large enough for our bed with about a 16" overhang on each side... 

I found a Facebook 'support' group where members are awesome and Jenny comments all the time!  Lots and lots of great feedback if you're going to make one!

Here's my starting fabrics:

Variety of colors, lights, darks, scale, patterns, etc.  (I did not use the 4 fabrics on the right side) 

Set to cutting, laying out, sewing...  made my 'first' shimmering' block and quickly decided it was moving to the bed since I don't have a design wall at the moment.  Also found out getting the shimmer effect isn't as easy as it looks when you have two fabrics on the diagonal that don't have alot of contrast!   Kept it in as a reminder :)

I tried to lay it out in a way that would make sense to me (the pattern tells you how to do it - I made it hard lol)

I actually felt myself getting a little uptight with this and decided just to go with it and see what happened (very much not my style!)

Got some more cut out and sewn and laid out --