Monday, February 9, 2015

Drunkard's Path Wall Hanging

In preparation to making one of Kelli's quilts, I made this 25" square wall hanging to check the technique.  I LOVE the echo quilting on this - I think it's super!

Sewing out the echo
Off the LA & trimmed - love the play of light!
Bound and awesome to look at!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Another 'Better than Pizza Box' top finished

Aye Yi Yi!  BOM - another top finished from the ufo's in the stash acquisition.  9 blocks were done, all were different sizes!  There was 1" total difference from smallest to largest...  I went ahead and finished the other 3, found some 'close' fabric I could use for the setting triangles, the sashing and the borders.  Far, far from great but better done than living in the pizza box!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I'm a curvy kind of gal!

Here's some images for more thought - Yes I now like curvy! 

I was doing the bottom one as a mock up for a real quilt I'm going to be making and needed to confirm I was 'good' with the process... I think I'll be finishing out this colorway with a different layout!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Saved from the Pizza Box

A while back, I purchased an older quilter's stash.  With that purchase, there were some blocks stored in pizza boxes.  I have no idea how old these are, but I know they were all pre 2000.
I'm working on piecing the tops from the blocks -

1.  "Best Friends" Paper Pieced, probably a block exchange.  8" square blocks finished.  I added sashing, cornerstones, the 2 small borders.  I think it's a pretty quilt.

I have a pretty good idea what I want to do for quilting and it's probably NOT what you're thinking!

2.  Bow Tie - Another block exchange.  This one did have some labels on some of the blocks.  Shame on me though, I didn't make note of them.  Interesting the different techniques to make this block.  Interesting also the variance in sizes of the blocks.  Turned out to be pretty cute and I'm not a scrappy fan!

And I have a couple of ideas for the quilting on this one too!
Oh, and my favorite fabric in this quilt --

Isn't that cute!

3.  Civil War Sampler - I don't know much about these types of quilts.

I have no idea if I've mixed things up or not.  BUT it's no longer living in a pizza box and now can be enjoyed by some!

Probably going to do some block specific quilting, maybe some feathers...

Friday, January 9, 2015

#52 TShirt Memory Quilt #2 for Jessica

Tshirts, camo pants and black pants....
This was the initial idea...

and from there it grew to this!

This was my first quilt of 2015!
Hope Jessica and family love it!

#51 Disappearing HourGlass Two

Do you ever see a quilt and just know you need to try it?  That's what happened here!
Took less than 2 days for the top.  About 1/2 of a layercake  of the blues and I hand cut the 10" square of the white.  There's a youTube video for this one out there...check it out!
This is my final quilt of 2014.

and quilted:

#50 Pop Of Poinsettia Table Runner


A quick table runner - less than a day start to finish.  
From All People Quilt - Pop of Poinsettia  
I made this with the leftovers from my 2013 winter lap  quilt.

Applique, small border, wider border.
I raw edged everything except the stems.


doodling to pass the time right before the holidays....

A 'bag' break

A group of us got together and made a few tote bags...
Easy peezy pattern - One of the girls walked us through it step by step...

  So I made a couple of smaller ones for the grand girls for Christmas!

 Ta Dah! 

#49 Neutral quilt - I think I'll call it Switzerland

Ok so not everyone gets the name of this one.  The quilt is all neutrals....Switzerland is all neutral....

This is a curved log cabin. 
Here's some of my early pics of colors when i was picking and choosing:

I can see my vision in there - hang on!
I found a tut on the web for this.  I'll look and see if I can find it and post the link.

First couple of blocks:

More interested?  and then some more....

I'm liking it more all the time!

And quilted!  

Pretty quilt if I say so myself!