Monday, June 8, 2015

#59 For Zane

I'm working on a tediously crazy little nap quilt for Zane, who just turned 4 this spring.  While I love what I've got happening, I'm not going to show it yet as i want it to be a surprise for his whole family!

Monday, May 4, 2015

#58 Badass Quilters B&W Skully Challenge ...excited!!!


BadAss Quilter's Society is having a Black & White Skully challenge using a FQ pack of 6 of their skully fabrics and any other black, white, or b&w fabrics.

The chosen '6':
BadAss Quilter's Society B&W Skully

and I think these on the bottom will be my add-on's (with the 6 chosen at the top)

I know what pattern I'm going to do with this!  I'm a little under the gun on this - have to have it finished, quilted and binding on before month end!  Hang around and see!

Wow I'm so pleased!  Here's a few peeks of the progress...  yes HST's!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

#57 Shimmering Triangles

From the first time I saw this pattern (several years ago) I 'needed' to make this. Jenny Bowker is the designer extraordinaire! She made the pattern commercially available via Craftsy around January 2015 - it's on! I had some Kaffe Fassett and Phillip Jacobs fabrics and got a few more... I wanted to make this one large enough for our bed with about a 16" overhang on each side... 
I found a Facebook 'support' group where members are awesome and Jenny comments all the time!  Lots and lots of great feedback if you're going to make one!

Here's my starting fabrics:

Variety of colors, lights, darks, scale, patterns, etc.  (I did not use the 4 fabrics on the right side) 

Set to cutting, laying out, sewing...  made my 'first' shimmering' block and quickly decided it was moving to the bed since I don't have a design wall at the moment.  Also found out getting the shimmer effect isn't as easy as it looks when you have two fabrics on the diagonal that don't have alot of contrast!   Kept it in as a reminder :)

I tried to lay it out in a way that would make sense to me (the pattern tells you how to do it - I made it hard lol)

I actually felt myself getting a little uptight with this and decided just to go with it and see what happened (very much not my style!)

Got some more cut out and sewn and laid out --

Monday, March 23, 2015

#56 Carpe Diem

This was an interesting quilt to make!  I would change a couple of things if I were to make another State Flag quilt - especially Colorado.
I used an accuQuilt die cutter to cut 3-1/2" square of assorted blues, whites, golds and reds.
I bordered the flag with a 2" strip and then added the wonky Winter border.  Isn't that beautiful fabric?  Hope to get it quilted in the next week...stay tuned for those pics!

This was the first attempt - not so crazy about all those blocks corners on the 'c'....

Better and finished!

Post Quilting:

The quilting design is 'Breath of the Gods' and so appropriate for this I think!
And one last photo ~

Friday, March 20, 2015

Civil War Sampler ... quilted!

In one of my earlier 'saved from the pizza box' posts, I showed a Civil War sampler quilt that I'd put the blocks together on.  We got it quilted!  We put 'block specific' designs in some of the blocks - log cabin, dresdan plate, friendship star; and used a collection of 5 or so blocks for the rest.  We used dyed natural thread.  You can't see the quilting real good in the pics but it's a pretty enough quilt and I'm sure someone somewhere is going to love this!

Friday, March 13, 2015

#55 - Two Fabric Bargello

Somewhere on the internet, probably Facebook or Pinterest, I saw a two fabric bargello.  :)

I have wanted to make a bargello for some time and even have a pattern for one that has 30-something different fabrics.  A two fabric really piqued my interest.  Could it possibly be? 

I found the pattern designer, Susie Weaver who lives in Arizona, also on Facebook and got the pattern.  I looked through my stash and found 'just' the fabric, plus I had some leftover black from Anthony's quilt that would be great for this and decided to use a third fabric for the border.

Yes, fabric from 2010!  Jinny Beyer's Outback collection.  Aren't the color's great?
After a phone call with Susie, on one of our snowy icy weekends,  I methodically followed the pattern. 
On this you can see my registration marks and my 'labels' to keep things in order and...

my first Bargello Flimsy!

Isn't this pretty?  I can't wait to quilt this and show it in natural light.  More pics coming soon!

Using a pano by the name of Whispy Feathers

Hot off the frame, trimmed:

Lots of luscious feathers!

 The back ...same fabric collection

My new favorite quilt! 

#'s 53 & 54 - Kelli's Batiks - Riding the Waves & Bahama Times!

My cousin asked for a couple of lap quilts with some batiks she had.  We started with this fabric...

And requests for a Drunkard's Path 'Wave' quilt and a Denovo.  She loves the Bahama's and they needed to provide a reminder to her of that.  I can't show completed pictures yet because she hasn't seen them!  But stay tuned.  I think they're pretty Awesome!

And here they are!
DeNovo - still a free pattern (as of 03-2015) from Bernatex
I added a little Black batik to let those color pop!

A few blocks...

 The main body is together!

Auditioning borders ~

and the grand finale! 

Turned out really pretty and I love how that black batik sets off the Colors.

And the second quilt - Drunkard's path block - The wave pattern.  There are 90 blocks in this top.  It was a lot of fun to make.  My idea was to gradually change from the bottom of the ocean, up through the waves, breaking into the sky and sunshine!  What do you think?

This blue - is the back and the border

 Tried a LOT of layouts, cuts, more cuts :)

Pulled in some additional batiks to get it right...

More layouts

Looking at border fabrics...

 The top is done!

 And Quilted AND Binding is finished!

A close up of the blocks and quilting - big wavy waves

This is just for illustration purposes - in the real world, the block would be sewn together!
Once it is, press it, lay your square up ruler on it, extending 1/4" into the outer piece and trim!  Assemble according to your layout choices!  I did use an accuquilt drunkard's path die to do all the cutting.  They have registration marks so you can line things up nicely and it all fits together.